• recruitability, Illustration: Nathalie Wood
    11 Feb 13
    Huge spending cuts and radical changes in the public sector are not only shrinking the existing workforce but making it harder for jobseekers to find positions. As more and more people apply for...
  • Talinn, Photo: Shutterstock
    5 Feb 13
    European governments are piling on the fiscal pain in unsuccessful attempts to claw their way out of financial crisis. Could they learn from the quick-fix austerity approaches of the Baltic states...
  • Newcastle, Photo: Rex
    30 Jan 13
    A war of words has broken out nationwide over which councils feel most unloved by Whitehall. Who’s right, asks Peter Hetherington
  • Transparent
    12 Nov 12
    The government will not achieve its goal of eradicating child poverty by 2020, the independent reviewer on social mobility has told Public Finance. An extended version of this interview will be shown...
  • pot hole
    6 Nov 12
    Whitehall has yet to feel the worst of the cuts. It will need to find lasting, cross-government savings and could learn from best practice in councils
  • SharingillusGRIEG
    5 Nov 12
    Why does Whitehall find it so hard to reap the benefits of shared services? One reason is that departments still put their individual needs first
  • Resiliance: Management developement
    31 Oct 12
    As the slings and arrows keep coming, how can the public sector keep calm and carry on? Alex Davda and Vicki Culpin explain ten ways that managers can strengthen themselves and their organisations
  • FrancesOgradyKESTEVEN
    29 Oct 12
    The first female general secretary of the TUC will have her work cut out dealing with public sector disputes and the union brothers. But don’t expect Frances O’Grady to start ­tub-thumping any time...
  • Photo: istock
    26 Oct 12
    A lot rides on official statistics but constant changes have made much of the data meaningless, says Tony Travers
  • austerity road cover SHUTTERSTOCK
    25 Oct 12
    Halfway through its term in office, the coalition is still looking for a route map to recovery. The chancellor’s Autumn Statement must offer some way out of here, argues Steve Freer
  • New Zealand, Photo: Shutterstock
    24 Oct 12
    Why is the government copying public service models from far, far away — particularly in New Zealand? It’s a riddle wrapped in an enigma. Judy Hirst investigates
  • Illustration: Angus Greig
    10 Oct 12
    Good planning, flexible resourcing, adaptable behind-the-scenes technology and a can-do attitude are a few of the gold-medal lessons to be learned from the success of the first ‘Twitter Olympics’
  • Photo: istock
    8 Oct 12
    With the election of police and crime commissioners imminent, there are anomalies that need to be resolved – including the role of the two CFOs
  • Business Partners, Illustrator: Nathalie Wood
    5 Oct 12
    To survive and thrive in a harsh climate, public bodies need to nurture a sense of shared purpose with other sectors, which means adopting growth-friendly business practices and ensuring...
  • Shared services ZIP, Illustration: James Fryer
    4 Oct 12
    Shared services cannot compensate for 28% cuts to local government grants. But they can help break down silos and deliver more seamless outcomes to the public, the LGA's Peter Fleming says
  • Bank of England, Kesteven
    3 Oct 12
    Macroeconomic policy makers failed to predict the biggest recession in 70 years. It’s time to rip up the rule book, chuck out the useless models – and look for a new angle on how to promote growth,...
  • OsborneFLICKR
    1 Oct 12
    It is abundantly clear that George Osborne’s Plan A has failed. Instead of just waiting for something to turn up, he needs to use the Autumn Statement to launch a radical programme for economic...
  • Olympic volunteers, Photo: istock
    27 Sep 12
    The London 2012 Games and their army of smiling volunteers left behind a national sense of wellbeing and can-do spirit. Back in the world of austerity, the coalition expects similar Olympian efforts...
  • Grand Prix - PA
    12 Sep 12
    Public servants are having to navigate the twists and turns of government policy as part of ministers’ efforts to increase Whitehall’s financial skills
  • Attack from cyber space
    11 Sep 12
    Online crime is soaring and it is increasingly targeting the public sector. This is a major concern as more public bodies share vital services and IT
  • How to carry out appraisals
    10 Sep 12
    Performance reviews can seem like practising scales on the piano: vital but dull and time-consuming. However, they are an opportunity to set the tone, fine-tune the goals and bring out the virtuoso...
  • LocalEconomyStupidHOLCROFT
    6 Sep 12
    Next year councils take charge of business rates and council tax support. As the levels of both are heavily dependent on changes in local economies, finance departments will have to keep one step...
  • Audit illustration JASON BENNION
    3 Sep 12
    As the Audit Commission prepares to bow out, incoming controller Marcine Waterman explains how it is going back to its regulatory roots while continuing to protect public money and audit quality
  • Transparent
    30 Aug 12
    The coalition partners don’t agree on much. And the political perils of shrinking the state mean that small is no longer quite so beautiful, argues Philip Johnston
  • Transparent
    29 Aug 12
    The coalition partners don’t agree on much. And the political perils of shrinking the state mean that small is no longer quite so beautiful, argues Philip Johnston