• Public Finance
    27 Jul 12
    Could housing associations do more to boost efficiency in the age of austerity? Waqar Ahmed thinks so. But the group finance director at L&Q tells PF that the government must do its bit too
  • Illustration: Angus Greig
    9 Jul 12
    The NHS remains stubbornly paper-dependent despite the huge benefits to patients, staff and services that basic technology could bring
  • Pensions, Photo: Alamy
    9 Jul 12
    Pension funds are in the risk business – but the local government scheme faces big changes and therefore fresh challenges. Help is at hand
  • Transparent
    6 Jul 12
    Video - Lord Paddy Ashdown talks to Public Finance about a new great reform act, the economic crisis and empowering local government at the CIPFA Conference 2012 in Liverpool.
  • Handling conflict, Illustration: Natalie Wood
    6 Jul 12
    Conflict is part of everyday life and when handled well can lead to new and creative ways forward. Pam Jones explores some tips to make life easier when the going gets tough
  • Transparent
    5 Jul 12
    Jonathan Portes talks to Public Finance about what the government should do to boost the UK economy at the CIPFA conference 2012 in Liverpool.
  • Transparent
    5 Jul 12
    Video - Sir John Gieve talks to Public Finance about Libor, the eurozone and the UK economy at the CIPFA conference 2012 in Liverpool.
  • Transparent
    5 Jul 12
    Video - Phil Redmond talks to Public Finance about localism, the Big Society and Liverpool's mayor at the CIPFA conference 2012 in Liverpool.
  • Transparent
    4 Jul 12
    Darra Singh talks to Public Finance about the aftermath of the August 2011 riots across England's cities
  • Transparent
    4 Jul 12
    Video - Matthew Taylor talks to Public Finance about the coalition government and poverty targets at the CIPFA conference 2012 in Liverpool.
  • Risk, Illustration: Jason Bennion
    2 Jul 12
    Abolition of the Audit Commission will change the way council spending is scrutinised just as funding pressures increase. But the National Audit Office will help the sector steer clear of the dangers...
  • Tony Redmond, Photo: Kesteven
    29 Jun 12
    Sir Tony Redmond could have been a dancer but chose a career in local government instead. Dancing’s loss was accountancy’s gain, and now he is taking on a fresh challenge – becoming CIPFA president...
  • Smart_Thinking, Illustration: Angus Greig
    11 Jun 12
    Armed with a laptop or smart phone, today’s public sector workers do not have to be tied to the physical office. This throws up some challenges for managers
  • Sir Bob Kerslake
    8 Jun 12
    As public sector organisations face mounting cuts, CIPFA emphasises the critical roles of both chief financial officers and their finance teams
  • Management Development, Illustration: Nathalie Ward
    8 Jun 12
    In an era of spending cuts and staff redundancies, it is more important than ever to ensure that your organisation is not discriminating in theory or practice. Tim Whitworth explains how
  • Grant Shapps, Photo: REX
    6 Jun 12
    Rows about ‘exporting’ Housing Benefit claimants have hit the headlines. But the underlying problem is a severe shortage of affordable housing
  • Phil Redmond
    1 Jun 12
    After dominating television for more than 30 years, Phil Redmond is creating some live dramas of his own in his home city of Liverpool. He talks to PF about culture, cohesion and council bureaucracy
  • CountyHallKESTEVEN
    30 May 12
    As economic crisis turns to political crisis across Europe, what are the lessons for local democracy here? The May 3 elections sent out some strong messages on mayors, majorities and political...
  • Photo: Robert Stansfield/ Department for International Development
    29 May 12
    Rich nations such as the UK must help poor countries to introduce transparent public finances and root out corruption. The benefits are clear to see, says the permanent secretary of the Department...
  • Heart of the action
    3 May 12
    With major demographic and other pressures on the NHS, the focus for health services is shifting from acute hospital care to prevention in the community
  • Transparent
    3 May 12
    Accounting in the public sector has had its fair share of change. Now it is the turn of internal audit, with new standards set to be published later this year
  • How to make a big impact
    2 May 12
    Senior staff need to be able put across their messages clearly. But the effect you have depends on a range of factors. Pam Jones gives tips and techniques on how to hit the right spot and leave a...
  • Steering clear of debt
    1 May 12
    However hard it might be for governments to change accounting course, they need to do so urgently to avoid future financial crises
  • Photo: Sam Kestevan
    27 Apr 12
    Last summer’s riots inflicted untold misery on individuals and businesses across England. But the views and concerns of those who suffered are now being heard loud and clear thanks to the work of...
  • Condition still critical: Rex
    26 Apr 12
    Following a long and painful battle, the Health and Social Care Act finally made it on to the statute book. But after all that legislative surgery, the prognosis remains unfavourable for the NHS