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    16 Apr 12
    The aim of the infrastructure code isn’t just to help councils finish their Whole of Government Accounts. It should also to help them manage their assets better
  • Illustration: Angus Greig
    13 Apr 12
    Focusing spending on the front line is understandable in a time of scarce resources. But neglecting the information systems you need to assess policy costs and benefits can be a false economy
  • Management developement april
    11 Apr 12
    In straitened times, public sector leaders have to look at their services with fresh eyes. This can mean tearing up the rule book, a frightening prospect for many staff. Managers must be encouraged...
  • Detroit, Photo: iStock
    3 Apr 12
    It’s not just national governments facing debt crises and ratings downgrades. Local and regional authorities worldwide have been in meltdown, as the credit squeeze hits. But some are starting to...
  • Stringing us along, Illustration: Jodie Cox
    2 Apr 12
    Ministers talk the talk on local financial freedoms. But without the right to vary both taxation and service levels, town halls will remain at the mercy of Whitehall
  • School/Ysgol Alamy
    30 Mar 12
    David Cameron’s attack on public services in Wales hit a raw nerve. For evidence is mounting that Welsh collaboration gets poorer results than English competition, argues Malcolm Prowle
  • Vienna Pic SAM
    23 Mar 12
    Deficient accounting by governments has been one of the causes of the sovereign debt crisis. So what can be done? Finance experts recently converged on Vienna to find a solution to this long-standing...
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    19 Mar 12
  • Transparent
    19 Mar 12
    The new Public Finance International website is now live. Providing news, opinion and information covering developments affecting government accountants, auditors, regulators and policy makers across...
  • Illustration: Natalie Wood
    5 Mar 12
    It used to be hard to gather all the information needed for monitoring and planning services. But now we’re in the Big Data Era, things are set to change
  • Illustration: Paul Blow
    2 Mar 12
    Delegation done badly can cause frustration, demotivation and failure. Done well it can help you, your staff and your organisation. Pam Jones shows you how to let go and lighten the load
  • Illustration: iStock
    29 Feb 12
    Security is vital for local authority investments and that means managing the range of risks entailed. CIPFA’s recent study shows what councils are doing to protect their funds
  • NHS Map, Illustration by Catherine Finnema
    28 Feb 12
    The Health and Social Care Bill is meant to help clinicians provide patients with better integrated local care services. But a growing chorus of critics think it will have the opposite effect. Who’s...
  • Photo: Akin Falope
    24 Feb 12
    As schools chief inspector and top education mandarin, Sir David Bell has never shrunk from challenging the status quo. Now as Reading University’s new vice-chancellor, he is taking his reforming...
  • Photo: PA
    23 Feb 12
    As the UK feels the pain of the harshest austerity package since the war, don’t expect any letup in George Osborne’s March Budget. Better get used to the new normal, says Tony Travers
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    22 Feb 12
    The public sector is losing millions of pounds a year on overpayments. But there are simple ways to keep track of what goes in and goes out
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    17 Feb 12
    The government is set to secure £5bn in efficiency savings this year, Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude has revealed
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    15 Feb 12
    The creation of police commissioners raises some awkward accounting issues, not least because there are now going to be two separate police bodies
  • Illustration: Angus Greig
    13 Feb 12
    In 1997, Tony Blair set a target for ‘e-government’ and almost achieved it. Now, Francis Maude has picked up the mantle. So how have things changed?
  • Illustration: Mark Smith
    9 Feb 12
    Winning friends and influencing people is more vital than ever in today’s challenging and uncertain work environment. Fiona Dent explains how to go on the charm offensive to get people to co-operate...
  • Illustration: Susan Burghart
    1 Feb 12
    Whole Place is the new Total Place, as community budgeting helps both town halls and Whitehall free up their fiscal thinking. So are the chances of joined-up spending better or worse in an era of...
  • Housing Feature ISTOCK
    30 Jan 12
    The good news is that the government is scrapping the much-hated Housing Revenue Account from April. The less good news is that the Treasury, not councils, could still end up in the driving seat
  • Richard Douglas
    27 Jan 12
    As head of the Government Finance Profession, Richard Douglas is overseeing big changes to Whitehall’s financial management. He tells PF how he combines that with his day job at the Department of...
  • Illustration: Natalie Wood
    3 Jan 12
    Automation can speed up paper, online and telephone enquiries and make decision-making quicker and more accurate. In some cases, it can save lives
  • Transparent
    21 Dec 11
    Ending centrally prescribed rules for the Housing Revenue Account means coming up with new ones. Depreciation and components are still tricky