• George Osborne © Paul Toeman via Flickr
    30 Oct 13
    There are signs of recovery all around, from GDP growth figures to rising house prices. So has the chancellor, as he claims, won the austerity debate, or is short-termism and poor policy-making...
  • Digital enhancements
    9 Oct 13
    Digital projects provide essential training for tomorrow’s leaders, and should involve an organisation’s brightest and best people
  • Management Development October
    7 Oct 13
    Difficult conversations are a common aspect of working life – particularly in the current belt-tightening environment. But rather than dreading these, managers can view them positively as stepping...
  • Police smart phone
    4 Oct 13
    More for less has got to be the watchword if public services are to shape up in the years ahead. Mobile technology and improved data analytics are key ways to raise productivity
  • October revolution
    30 Sep 13
    Erick Pickles has upstaged Iain Duncan Smith when it comes to pushing through radical benefit reforms. Peter Kenway explains how Council Tax Support, not Universal Credit, became the big welfare...
  • Cranes
    26 Sep 13
    The coalition's infrastructure plan is said to be the biggest programme of public works since the Victorian era. The only issue is getting it off the drawing board, says Mark Hellowell
  • Monte Carlo or bust
    9 Sep 13
    Sophisticated forecasting techniques, such as the Monte Carlo method, can help predict future income and demand for services. But which approach is best?
  • Hand on mouse
    6 Sep 13
    Security and privacy can be conflicting needs, both on the international stage and at work. Employers must ensure their staff monitoring is legal and ethical
  • Management development
    5 Sep 13
    Public finance teams are under more pressure than ever before. There are more challenges from around the organisation, as everyone needs to absorb increased workloads in the face of reduced staff....
  • NHS
    2 Sep 13
    Politicians are engaged in a war of words over who is responsible for NHS failures. But it’s the financial structure that is largely to blame
  • Rob Whiteman
    29 Aug 13
    Rob Whiteman likes to pump up the volume, whether it’s belting out operatic arias or singing the praises of accountants. CIPFA’s new chief executive tells PF he intends to be a vocal presence in the...
  • Transparent
    17 Jul 13
    Mariana Mazzucato, professor of science and technology at Sussex University, talks to Public Finance about creating an entrepreneurial state
  • Transparent
    11 Jul 13
    Public Finance talked to Lord Southerland at the CIPFA Conference 2013 about the NHS and social care
  • Transparent
    11 Jul 13
    Public Finance talked to Owen Jones at the CIPFA Conference 2013 about why he rejects the premise of austerity and why council borrowing rules should be relaxed.
  • Transparent
    11 Jul 13
    Lord Heseltine talks to PF about his growth review and the Audit Commission, at the CIPFA Conference 2013 in London.
  • Transparent
    10 Jul 13
    Tim Montgomerie talks to Public Finance about mansion taxes, permanent austerity, and the Royal Mail sell-off.
  • Transparent
    10 Jul 13
    Public Finance talked to Tony Travers in advance of his speech at the CIPFA Conference 2013. He discusses reaction to the London Finance Commission report and whether or not a local authority could...
  • George Osborne
    8 Jul 13
    As the June Spending Review extends austerity cuts across government, ‘smart skills’ will be essential for Whitehall finance staff to address the challenges
  • Hammer, Illustration: Angus Greig
    5 Jul 13
    Facebook, Twitter and other social media provide powerful communication tools – but they need to be used intelligently and with a clear corporate purpose
  • Tightrope walker
    5 Jul 13
    Although times are hard in the public sector, finance staff don’t have to abandon their career aspirations. There are still jobs out there and there is still room on the next rung of the ladder....
  • Care Science Photo Library
    1 Jul 13
    Pressure on public sector budgets has led to a rise in zero-hours contracts, particularly in the care sector. The biggest losers are vulnerable service-users and staff on poor pay and insecure hours...
  • JakiSalisburyKESTEVEN
    28 Jun 13
    CIPFA’s new president, Jaki Salisbury, has built a ‘can-do’ reputation, and won the loyalty of her colleagues for her hands-on tackling of local government problems. The ‘treasurer who likes to say...
  • Silicon Valley, Photo: Alamy
    28 Jun 13
    Those who take the risks reap the rewards. Or do they? The truth is that from Silicon Valley to Singapore, innovation relies heavily on state funding. It’s time for the private sector to give...
  • HeseltineCameronPA
    28 Jun 13
    The man who promised to 'intervene before breakfast, lunch and dinner' is back, and demanding a new local growth plan. Lord Heseltine talked to Judy Hirst ahead of the Spending Review
  • Houses scarborough Shutterstock
    10 Jun 13
    A year on from the start of housing self-financing and most elements are working well. But the move to full depreciation accounting needs a bit more time