• 12 Mar 14
    Audit committees give crucial advice to public bodies. New guidance from CIPFA shows how to make their meetings as productive as possible
  • Smart thinking March 2014
    12 Mar 14
    An increasingly sophisticated online black market is posing a growing threat to the public sector by offering cybercrime ‘as-a-service’
  • Maintain_Energy
    10 Mar 14
    When work/life balance is upset by longer working hours, snatched breaks and increased stress, your energy reserves can drain over the working day. Angela Muir offers advice on how to replenish your...
  • Police_Alamy
    7 Mar 14
    Cuts of 20% to police funding were among the deepest austerity measures and the election of PCCs was highly controversial. So why are the reforms hailed as a success?
  • Davos_Shutterstock
    4 Mar 14
    The chancellor will use the Budget to reinforce the prime minister’s recovery message to the World Economic Forum at Davos. But rising house prices and consumption threaten to suck in imports, while...
  • The final curtain
    28 Feb 14
    As the Audit Commission prepares to leave the stage, its current controller reviews the public sector watchdog’s achievements over more than three decades – and the challenges to come before it takes...
  • Woking_Alamy
    27 Feb 14
    The likelihood of some English councils becoming unviable has been increased by a funding system that favours the wealthiest parts of the country. To avoid a financial crisis, the government must...
  • The government hopes to reduce the impact of rush hour road works by making companies pay to dig up roads. PHOTO: ISTOCK
    12 Feb 14
    The nation's biggest asset is transport infrastructure, but local highways may be undervalued by £200bn. Now accountants and engineers can agree a figure
  • Smart thinking Jan/Feb
    12 Feb 14
    A touch-screen revolution is creating affordable technology that can help young adults with profound disabilities to master life skills
  • Professional Development Jan/Feb
    10 Feb 14
    It’s a daunting task having to manage large property portfolios in the public sector. Adopting a centralised approach permits both financial savings and organisational efficiences, as Jane Lowrie...
  • AandE_Shutterstock
    6 Feb 14
    One year on from the Francis report on the Mid Staffs scandal, the NHS faces a huge challenge. How to reconcile the radical quality improvements it calls for with the severe financial pressures...
  • Tiny people-Keyhole_Shutterstock
    5 Feb 14
    It can be lonely out there for local government digital leaders. Is it time to invest in a Whitehall-style support network, to drive forward digital change?
  • Sir Michael Lyon_Akin
    3 Feb 14
    Just as growth returns, a new housing crisis is edging its way up the political agenda. So can Sir Michael Lyons put some flesh on Labour’s plans for a mass housebuilding programme that will help get...
  • Ambulances_Alamy
    30 Jan 14
    With ambulances queuing outside A...
  • Council house_Alamy
    11 Dec 13
    Council raids on housing revenue accounts should stop with the closure of a 'legal loophole'. The name of the game now is self-regulation
  • Smart thinking December
    10 Dec 13
    Should the UK invest in high-speed rail to modernise its infrastructure and support growth? Take a ride from Shanghai to find out
  • Management Development Dec 2013
    9 Dec 13
    New year, new challenges. In 2014 there will be more funding cuts, more upheavals and ever more demand for public services. The best way to motivate your team in trying times is to lead from the...
  • Iceberg- Shutterstock
    6 Dec 13
    Lurking under treacherous public spending waters is an iceberg of off-balance sheet costs and other hidden debts. Future generations will have to pick up the tab
  • Grangemouth- Shutterstock
    29 Nov 13
    Peace deals in Grangemouth and Govan show that Scotland and England will work together, whatever the referendum result
  • December cover feature
    28 Nov 13
    A return to economic growth will bring no relief for the public sector. Crushing austerity is here to stay for at least a decade, whoever is in office. So what will this vice-like grip on the...
  • On Account- November
    8 Nov 13
    Can sustainability and integrated reporting address concerns about the complexity and relevance of annual reporting?
  • Smart thinking November
    8 Nov 13
    The lessons of recent cyber attacks in other countries show that what may seem secure today may not be next year – or even tomorrow
  • November management devl
    8 Nov 13
    Being a public sector leader in challenging times is tough. Constant change means managers need to oversee programmes that affect themselves and their staff. Mo Vontz offers ten top tips for success
  • Feet_Shutterstock
    6 Nov 13
    The government’s half-hearted approach to fiscal consolidation is like going on a crash diet, but still not getting the desired result. It’s time to wise up to the fact that eliminating the deficit...
  • Two-Senior-Women-Playing-Dominoes-shutterstock
    4 Nov 13
    The average Briton is in denial about the burgeoning costs of old age. But then, so are politicians. Radical reforms to the housing and planning systems are needed to avert a pensions and care crisis