• Smart thinking illustration angus greig
    7 Jun 13
    ‘Data mining’ in the NHS could allow spending to be targeted on preventative treatments that take account of lifestyles and genetic make-up
  • meetings illustration WOOD
    6 Jun 13
    Public sector managers have to hold a lot of meetings but too few achieve their intended purpose – making good decisions based on the opinions of those present. Many lack structure and discipline and...
  • DWPBetterApartEASTBURY
    3 Jun 13
    The Treasury is clamping down on annually managed expenditure to cut the welfare bill. A far better strategy, argues James Lloyd, would be to split the DWP into two, with a ministry for working-age...
  • Photo: Shutterstock
    28 May 13
    According to the IMF, we now live in a 'three speed' world, as developing countries overtake traditional front-runners. With the UK and many other nations stuck in the slow lane, David Walker asks...
  • Tool, Illustration: Angus Greig
    10 May 13
    Community Budgets show how effective joined-up funding and working can be in tackling social problems. But sharing data brings fresh challenges
  • Nurses, Photo: Alamy
    10 May 13
    The Treasury’s plan to cut public sector pension costs by raising staff contributions has been stymied by workforce cuts and a related surge in early retirements
  • Virtual Working
    3 May 13
    As technology advances and pressure mounts on the public sector to cut costs, virtual meetings are a possible solution. But to work effectively in this uncharted territory, leaders will need to adopt...
  • BankOfEnglandKESTEVEN
    30 Apr 13
    It’s all change at the Bank of England with a new governor about to take over the reins and a revised remit from the chancellor. So can Mark Carney deliver, asks James Zuccollo
  • BinmenALAMY
    29 Apr 13
    Local government employees have been hit by a double whammy. Already underpaid and undervalued compared with other sectors, they are now bearing the brunt of public service cuts, argues Heather...
  • DeprivedUKALAMY
    25 Apr 13
    The June Spending Review is going to slice Whitehall’s funding cake so thinly that departments will be left fighting over the crumbs. So how are public services meant to cope, asks Tony Travers
  • Messy Office, Photo: Getty
    8 Apr 13
    Councils have consolidated the gains made under the first two years of International Financial Reporting Standards. But further challenges lie ahead, says Sarah Sheen
  • Online Security, Illustration: Chris Dunn
    5 Apr 13
    The government’s rush to put services online and get Whitehall tweeting fails to take account of the insecure and dated systems being used in the corridors of power
  • office politics illus WOOD
    4 Apr 13
    Disputes and personality clashes are inevitable in every workplace but can be turned to your advantage. Phil Anderson guides public sector staff through the labyrinth of office politics
  • Council tax changes illus Fryer
    3 Apr 13
    This month, local authorities face one of their trickiest balancing acts yet. They have to meet the twin challenges of government changes to council tax support and business rates, without losing out...
  • Depressed Man, Photo: Alamy
    2 Apr 13
    The controversial ‘bedroom tax’ is the latest in a tsunami of benefit cuts. And with Housing Benefit caps and cuts to disability payments, claimants are feeling the squeeze. Claudia Wood investigates
  • Hospital, Photo: Getty
    28 Mar 13
    From April 1, the health service embarks on an uncertain journey as the biggest structural reforms for decades get under way. Richard Lewis considers the risks and opportunities ahead
  • Norman Lamb, Photo: Sam Kesteven
    26 Mar 13
    Health minister Norman Lamb talks to Judy Hirst about the Francis report on Mid-Staffs, Dilnot’s funding recommendations and joining up the dots on social care
  • Operation, Photo: Getty
    13 Mar 13
    Clinical Commissioning Groups are being born at a time of financial and structural upheaval in the NHS. Chief financial officers have a vital leadership role
  • Broadband, Illustration Angus Greig
    11 Mar 13
    More government investment in broadband should be a no-brainer for Britain. It would boost the economy and help bring us up to speed with other countries
  • NegotiationIllusWOOD
    6 Mar 13
    Negotiating is a vital business skill for all public sector managers and increasingly so for finance professionals. But many end up acting as if they’re haggling over a used car. Matt Copeland advises
  • Fayez Choudhury
    4 Mar 13
    The new chief executive takes charge of the International Federation of Accountants at a critical time for public sector finance. He talks to Public Finance about the state of government accounting...
  • Illustration: Dave Eastbury
    4 Mar 13
    The government’s track record on IT projects is notoriously poor. So is the launch of the Universal Credit going to break the mould or repeat the big, costly failures of the past?
  • Osborne GUARDIAN2
    28 Feb 13
    As George Osborne prepares for his Budget on March 20, the loss of the UK's triple A rating is news he could have done without. Colin Talbot asks where did it all go wrong for the chancellor who hit...
  • finance pic
    15 Feb 13
    On April 1, new internal audit standards come into effect for the whole of the public sector. Creation of this level playing field will bring some changes
  • Fraud
    13 Feb 13
    The public sector loses billions from fraud each year as criminals exploit technology to further their ends. But IT is also helping the good guys catch up