• rowing coaching MARK SMITH
    21 Dec 11
    Set the New Year off to a good start by developing a coaching approach. This is an excellent way of improving individuals’ skills and confidence, but it also motivates the team
  • Beyond the Meltdown Shutterstock
    20 Dec 11
    The current financial crisis is just the start of the problems facing Western economies. ‘Normal’ levels of GDP growth might never return, as a result of climate change, an ageing population,...
  • Out of the Shadows
    19 Dec 11
    Councils are detecting much more fraud but there’s still plenty of places to hide, warns the Audit Commission’s chair. Criminals are finding new ways of plundering public money
  • Estonia international Photo: Eyevine
    16 Dec 11
    When the financial crisis began, governments focused on cutting spending to reduce their debts. Now attention is turning to the other side of the coin – raising revenue. Tax collection is the new...
  • FDA Strikers PA
    14 Dec 11
    There’s trouble at the top in Whitehall, with senior civil servants taking to the streets and relations with ministers becoming increasingly dysfunctional. Colin Talbot tests the temperature in the...
  • Action Stations Angus Greig
    9 Dec 11
    The government’s implementation plan shows that ministers are serious about getting to grips with the problems associated with public sector ICT projects
  • Apprentice REX
    6 Dec 11
    Working in the public sector today is a bit like taking part in The Apprentice. Finance staff face a range of trials and tribulations and need good skills to cope
  • Illustration: Mark Smith
    6 Dec 11
    All staff learn as they do their jobs, building up individual mines of useful information. But sometimes it stays inside them instead of being shared more widely – and they take it with them when...
  • Eric Pickles REX
    5 Dec 11
    At first sight, the government’s plan to give councils control of business rates and Council Tax Benefit was a fine case of ‘localism’ in action. In practice, it means town halls will take the rap...
  • Derek Myers AKIN
    30 Nov 11
    Derek Myers is no ordinary chief executive. Having run one London borough for a decade, he has taken on responsibility for a second and is sharing a range of services with a third. He tells PF how...
  • RoyalweddingPA
    28 Nov 11
    Do you know who got blamed for the budget deficit, and who was going to start putting more love about? Do you know your top-ups from your tariffs? Then test yourself with our Christmas quiz...
  • RoundtableOpenKESTEVEN
    28 Nov 11
    Can the government’s Open Public Services agenda succeed in a period of local authority budget cuts? Public Finance and Zurich Municipal hosted a round table to debate the possibilities
  • G20Nov11REX
    25 Nov 11
    As the eurozone crisis continues and sovereign debt soars, governments need to urgently reform their accounting practices. CIPFA’s chief executive, Steve Freer, calls for a collective effort across...
  • roller coaster
    8 Nov 11
    Treasury management has been riding the waves of change in recent months but a bigger development lies ahead. Derivatives might be making a comeback
  • Illustration: Angus Greig
    7 Nov 11
    The coalition government announced early on that it was going to slash the use of consultants in the public sector. So what are their pros and cons?
  • Illustration: Mark Smith
    4 Nov 11
    Almost everything at work requires negotiation. Learning how to bat points back and forth will not only improve internal and external relations but ensure you get what you need from meetings
  • 1 Nov 11
    Wandsworth has put on hold its plan to issue a council bond to finance housing improvements. But the London borough's finance director believes that this form of borrowing still has a role to...
  • Olympian Task SAM
    1 Nov 11
    The race is on to complete the venues for the London 2012 Games and Dennis Hone is stewarding it. The chief executive of the Olympic Delivery Authority talks to Neil Merrick about the false starts...
  • Round Table pic 2
    31 Oct 11
    The expected explosion in local government outsourcing has not taken place. Could it still happen or are there better ways to make the savings? Public Finance and Civica convened a round table to...
  • Getty Train Cover Feature
    28 Oct 11
    Justine Greening has been propelled to the top role in transport, just in time to oversee the controversial high-speed line planned between London and Birmingham. She will have a tough job defending...
  • magazine graph
    11 Oct 11
    Plans to increase staff pension contributions not only anger unions, they also threaten a clash between fairness to all and protecting the lower paid
  • Smart Thinking mag pic
    10 Oct 11
    We are living longer but there’s no need to panic about a demographic time bomb. We need to look at the positives and improve prevention, data and IT
  • Managemet Developement
    7 Oct 11
    In times of change and uncertainty, individuals’ performance can suffer. Your challenge as a manager in the public sector is to minimise the consequences of this and help all your team fulfil their...
  • GlobeGETTY
    5 Oct 11
    Pessimists argue that only zero growth will save the planet. But it doesn't have to be that way, says the IPPR. There are ways to achieve Treasury growth targets and reduce greenhouse gases
    3 Oct 11
    The revised Health & Social Care Bill has made it through its third Commons reading. But many issues remain unresolved - not least the role of competition and price regulation in the NHS