• power station pollution
    14 Jan 10
    A deal might not have come out of Copenhagen, but the public sector still faces scrutiny of its CO2 emissions. Many larger public bodies are covered by the Carbon Reduction Commitment, which comes...
  • 5 Nov 09
    A year and a half into the recession, how close are the public finances to Treasury forecasts and what does the future hold? In the run-up to the Pre-Budget Report, the IFS’s Carl Emmerson and Gemma...
  • 11 Dec 08
    Ministers’ radical plans to overhaul the long-term care system could be parked yet again, as the recession starts to take its toll on services
  • 23 Feb 06
    Police forces are under pressure to merge and modernise and they're not coming quietly. Vivienne Russell weighs up the evidence in the debate over how to make twenty-first century policing fit...