• Crossrail construction
    20 Mar 15
    The National Infrastructure Plan is the £466bn pipeline that underpins the Treasury’s growth strategy. It enjoys bipartisan political support but something is missing. Does the...
  • 15 Mar 15
    When the Audit Commission was founded in 1983 its earliest staff members were excited by the opportunity to standardise and professionalise public sector audit, in a climate of independent scrutiny....
  • 18 Feb 15
    Smart technologies can make our cities work better. But to face the challenges ahead, including population growth and transport, we also need our towns and villages to become ‘smart communities’
  • 17 Feb 15
    Public Health England now distributes the £2.8bn grant to councils as they work to improve the health of the people. Everything from planning to parks, and education to employment, can play a role.
  • 17 Feb 15
    Delivering world-class public audit in changing circumstances demands that we think differently and experiment. Scotland is pointing the way, writes Caroline Gardner
  • 17 Feb 15
    Caroline Mawhood on the key role that state audit institutions play in European Union financial controls
  • 17 Feb 15
    Public audit needs to shape up and become more interventionist, writes Sir Derek Myers. The economic climate demands that it’s in the front seat, driving change
  • 16 Feb 15
    Public audit requires a different set of skills and experience from the private sector, writes Rob Whiteman. This is one of many issues that the new assurance arrangements fail to address
  • 16 Feb 15
    As the Audit Commission finally shuts its doors, there are a host of outstanding questions about practicality, cost and the value of public audit, writes Marcine Waterman
  • 16 Feb 15
    The forces of austerity and marketisation are sweeping through the English public sector, writes Gareth Davies. What must public auditors do to keep up?
  • 22 Jan 15
    Advances in technology have brought profound changes to the nature of work – but have our notions about what motivates people kept pace?
  • 21 Jan 15
    The trebling of tuition fees appears unlikely to produce expected savings for the Exchequer. And graduates will repay twice as much, nursing debts well into their 50s. So what’s gone wrong?
  • 20 Jan 15
    Public workers' pay remains under pressure as the deficit stubbornly refuses to shrink. But what counts as public sector pay in a world of outsourcing to the private sector and what does the...
  • 24 Nov 14
    Councils have borne the brunt of the coalition’s public spending cuts, and lost nearly half their core funding in five years. Torn between raising council tax and losing their ‘freeze...
  • 12 Nov 14
    The public sector often struggles to innovate - there’s no shortage of ideas, but does it have the culture, structures and skills required to exploit the innovative thinking that is generated?
  • 10 Nov 14
    Valerie Pierce suggests ways to take the weight off your shoulders when the competing demands of the job pile up and conflicting priorities threaten your sense of perspective – and the morale of your...
  • 7 Nov 14
    Charities’ critics want to curb their campaigning and make the sector pick up the pieces as the state withdraws from service provision. Not quite the Big Society vision it had in mind
  • 26 Sep 14
    The digital revolution means the ways we communicate are fragmenting. So how do employers and staff talk to each other, and how should we use social media to tell the outside world about what we...
  • 25 Sep 14
    Every year the Treasury gathers financial data from nearly 4,000 public bodies – from Whitehall departments to academy schools – to publish the Whole of Government Accounts. This ambitious exercise...
  • 24 Sep 14
    As NHS staff ballot on industrial action – and discontent rises over pay and salary progression throughout the public sector – years of severe pay restraint are taking their toll
  • 19 Sep 14
    There are now 4,000 academies but, as the education baton passes to Nicky Morgan, it may turn out that Michael Gove’s real legacy is in curriculum and teaching reforms
  • 28 Aug 14
    The health reforms were meant to create a fast-track, patient-centred service. Rising waiting times and A&E admissions – and confusion over GP commissioning and care funding – suggest...
  • 28 May 14
    The Treasury has seriously mishandled the new fee regime for universities, resulting in zero expected savings for the public coffers. And the chancellor’s scrapping of controls on student...
  • 8 May 14
    The regulator is getting tough with charities in England and Wales that file their accounts late. John Maddocks looks at the importance of transparency and new best practice for trustees due this...
  • 29 Apr 14
    When David Cameron and Nick Clegg crossed the Severn to hand over new fiscal powers to the Welsh Assembly, they kept a ‘lockstep’ on income tax. But there’s no turning back from the...