• Whitehall
    10 Feb 12
    The government should be ‘unflinching’ in pushing through its public service reforms, Reform said today.
  • Hospital building
    9 Feb 12
    The public sector is paying more than it should for equity investment because investors tend to overstate the risk they are bearing, the National Audit Office said today in its latest report on...
  • Illustration: Mark Smith
    9 Feb 12
    Winning friends and influencing people is more vital than ever in today’s challenging and uncertain work environment. Fiona Dent explains how to go on the charm offensive to get people to co-operate...
  • Spacer
    7 Feb 12
    Whole of Government Accounts need to include all bodies that affect the financial position of the government, according to the Public Accounts Committee.
  • Spacer
    6 Feb 12
    Scotland is to overhaul its public procurement systems after a think-tank study found they were stacked against Scottish firms, losing the country millions of pounds of business.
  • Richard Douglas
    27 Jan 12
    As head of the Government Finance Profession, Richard Douglas is overseeing big changes to Whitehall’s financial management. He tells PF how he combines that with his day job at the Department of...
  • Spacer
    18 Jan 12
    Accountants have a vital role to play in the government’s ‘marketisation’ reforms of public services, a senior council leader has said.
  • Spreadsheet
    18 Jan 12
    Councils should make their accounts more understandable and accessible by reducing ‘clutter’ and using summary financial statements to communicate with councillors and residents, according to the...
  • Spacer
    13 Jan 12
    Public sector fraud is on the increase globally, with organisations particularly at risk from their own employees and suppliers, according to research published today by PricewaterhouseCoopers.
  • Shoppers Liverpool Shutterstock
    6 Jan 12
    Plans to allow councils to retain a share of their business rates could disadvantage areas where service need suddenly increases, according to a group of 46 municipal local authorities.
  • Spacer
    3 Jan 12
    Rod Aldridge, the former CIPFA technical director who founded the outsourcing company Capita, has been knighted in the latest round of honours.
  • Transparent
    21 Dec 11
    Ending centrally prescribed rules for the Housing Revenue Account means coming up with new ones. Depreciation and components are still tricky
  • rowing coaching MARK SMITH
    21 Dec 11
    Set the New Year off to a good start by developing a coaching approach. This is an excellent way of improving individuals’ skills and confidence, but it also motivates the team
  • Treasury
    20 Dec 11
    The first ever Whole of Government Accounts are a ‘big step forward’ for public sector financial management despite being qualified by the National Audit Office last month, according to the Treasury’...
  • Action Stations Angus Greig
    9 Dec 11
    The government’s implementation plan shows that ministers are serious about getting to grips with the problems associated with public sector ICT projects
  • Illustration: Mark Smith
    6 Dec 11
    All staff learn as they do their jobs, building up individual mines of useful information. But sometimes it stays inside them instead of being shared more widely – and they take it with them when...
  • Derek Myers AKIN
    30 Nov 11
    Derek Myers is no ordinary chief executive. Having run one London borough for a decade, he has taken on responsibility for a second and is sharing a range of services with a third. He tells PF how...
  • G20Nov11REX
    25 Nov 11
    As the eurozone crisis continues and sovereign debt soars, governments need to urgently reform their accounting practices. CIPFA’s chief executive, Steve Freer, calls for a collective effort across...
  • Spacer
    16 Nov 11
    Accountants across the world should step out from the sidelines and put pressure on governments to improve the quality of financial reporting, CIPFA chief executive Steve Freer has said.
  • roller coaster
    8 Nov 11
    Treasury management has been riding the waves of change in recent months but a bigger development lies ahead. Derivatives might be making a comeback
  • Illustration: Mark Smith
    4 Nov 11
    Almost everything at work requires negotiation. Learning how to bat points back and forth will not only improve internal and external relations but ensure you get what you need from meetings
  • 1 Nov 11
    Wandsworth has put on hold its plan to issue a council bond to finance housing improvements. But the London borough's finance director believes that this form of borrowing still has a role to...
  • Olympian Task SAM
    1 Nov 11
    The race is on to complete the venues for the London 2012 Games and Dennis Hone is stewarding it. The chief executive of the Olympic Delivery Authority talks to Neil Merrick about the false starts...
  • Flood
    28 Oct 11
    A 'huge funding gap' is emerging in England’s flood protection work, Public Accounts Committee chair Margaret Hodge has warned.
  • Spacer
    27 Oct 11
    The next phase of the government's Community Budget pilots has been criticised for its lack of ambition, by experts and the Opposition