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    2 Nov 12
    Communities Secretary Eric Pickles has hailed the passage of the Local Government Finance Act, claiming the reforms could deliver a £10bn economic gain.
  • Spreadsheet
    1 Nov 12
    Auditors have qualified the Whole of Government Accounts for the second consecutive year due to ‘significant issues’ with the quality and consistency of the data used in the financial statements.
  • Resiliance: Management developement
    31 Oct 12
    As the slings and arrows keep coming, how can the public sector keep calm and carry on? Alex Davda and Vicki Culpin explain ten ways that managers can strengthen themselves and their organisations
  • austerity road cover SHUTTERSTOCK
    25 Oct 12
    Halfway through its term in office, the coalition is still looking for a route map to recovery. The chancellor’s Autumn Statement must offer some way out of here, argues Steve Freer
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    18 Oct 12
    Whitehall’s budgeting system has improved but is still not good at demonstrating whether spending decisions represent value for money, the National Audit Office said today.
  • Illustration: Angus Greig
    10 Oct 12
    Good planning, flexible resourcing, adaptable behind-the-scenes technology and a can-do attitude are a few of the gold-medal lessons to be learned from the success of the first ‘Twitter Olympics’
  • Pickles PA
    8 Oct 12
    Town halls in England are to be offered funding for a third successive council tax freeze next year but the amount available to each authority has been cut, Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles...
  • MPs lambast off-payroll arrangements
    5 Oct 12
    Many employees in local government and the NHS could be being paid in a way that can lead to tax avoidance, the Public Accounts Committee warned today.
  • Business Partners, Illustrator: Nathalie Wood
    5 Oct 12
    To survive and thrive in a harsh climate, public bodies need to nurture a sense of shared purpose with other sectors, which means adopting growth-friendly business practices and ensuring...
  • Shared services ZIP, Illustration: James Fryer
    4 Oct 12
    Shared services cannot compensate for 28% cuts to local government grants. But they can help break down silos and deliver more seamless outcomes to the public, the LGA's Peter Fleming says
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    3 Oct 12
    Labour would create a ‘one budget’ health and social care system to ensure better integration between the different types of care, shadow health secretary Andy Burnham said today.
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    3 Oct 12
    Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude has launched a critique of Whitehall civil servants, claiming they do not always implement ministerial decisions.
  • OsborneFLICKR
    1 Oct 12
    It is abundantly clear that George Osborne’s Plan A has failed. Instead of just waiting for something to turn up, he needs to use the Autumn Statement to launch a radical programme for economic...
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    28 Sep 12
    CIPFA chief executive Steve Freer is to step down within the next 12 months, it was announced today.
  • Payslip
    18 Sep 12
    Twenty-five economists have urged ministers to ditch national pay bargaining in the public sector, saying it is ‘bad for Britain’.
  • Grand Prix - PA
    12 Sep 12
    Public servants are having to navigate the twists and turns of government policy as part of ministers’ efforts to increase Whitehall’s financial skills
  • How to carry out appraisals
    10 Sep 12
    Performance reviews can seem like practising scales on the piano: vital but dull and time-consuming. However, they are an opportunity to set the tone, fine-tune the goals and bring out the virtuoso...
  • LocalEconomyStupidHOLCROFT
    6 Sep 12
    Next year councils take charge of business rates and council tax support. As the levels of both are heavily dependent on changes in local economies, finance departments will have to keep one step...
  • Jeremy Newman BDO
    3 Sep 12
    The greatest risk in the process of closing the Audit Commission is that functions will ‘fall between gaps’, the proposed next chair of the spending watchdog has told MPs.
  • Audit illustration JASON BENNION
    3 Sep 12
    As the Audit Commission prepares to bow out, incoming controller Marcine Waterman explains how it is going back to its regulatory roots while continuing to protect public money and audit quality
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    30 Aug 12
    The Scottish Government has been urged to address ‘significant weaknesses’ in public sector IT programmes after Audit Scotland revealed delays and cost overruns across three schemes.
  • Hospital ward
    29 Aug 12
    NHS hospitals are improving the accuracy of the information they record for the payment by results funding system, the Audit Commission said today.
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    29 Aug 12
    The proportion of honours awarded to civil servants and other public sector workers should be ‘rebalanced’ with those given to people who volunteer in their local communities, MPs have recommended.
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    29 Aug 12
    Councils could mitigate the cut in Council Tax Benefit funding by tackling fraud and error when they take over the system next year, Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles said yesterday.
  • 3 Aug 12
    Councils will have to give the government details of their borrowing plans to qualify for the lower Public Works Loan Board interest rates announced in the Budget, it has been revealed.