LGA: shared services save councils £600m

30 Jun 17

Shared service arrangements across the country have saved councils more than £600m, according to the Local Government Association.

The latest LGA shared services map, published yesterday, shows that, to date, 486 shared service arrangements have delivered £643m in efficiency savings.

William Nunn, chair of the LGA’s improvement and innovation board, said: “Our latest shared services map confirms that councils are working together to successfully save money.

“Shared services are no longer just the realm of the most innovative councils, but rather, standard practice for councils to improve services, increase resilience and save money in times of significant change, cementing councils’ reputation as the most efficient part of the public sector.”

According to the data, 98% of councils are now involved in some form of sharing arrangement.

Nunn urged other areas of the public sector to learn from the example set by local authorities.

Arrangements can also go beyond back-office functions to joining with non-traditional partners such as health bodies, fire and rescue services and the police.

The LGA highlighted the partnership between West Sussex Fire and Rescue and West Sussex County Council, which is looking at how vulnerable individuals can remain safe in their homes.

Further success can be seen in the south west of England where Devon and Somerset county councils have combined their trading standards services and have made efficiency savings of more than £1m.

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