• Heywood and KerslakeGUARDIAN
    2 Mar 12
    Public services are ‘at risk of failure’ unless the civil service changes quickly and develops better financial management skills, the Institute for Government has warned.
  • Illustration: Paul Blow
    2 Mar 12
    Delegation done badly can cause frustration, demotivation and failure. Done well it can help you, your staff and your organisation. Pam Jones shows you how to let go and lighten the load
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    2 Mar 12
    Local government trade unions have begun consulting their members on possible industrial action over pay, after employers announced there would be no increase for the third year in a row, Public...
  • Council tax bill
    29 Feb 12
    Around 15% of English local authorities plan to increase their council tax in April despite the offer of government cash to freeze bills, a CIPFA survey shows.
  • Illustration: iStock
    29 Feb 12
    Security is vital for local authority investments and that means managing the range of risks entailed. CIPFA’s recent study shows what councils are doing to protect their funds
  • Photo: Akin Falope
    24 Feb 12
    As schools chief inspector and top education mandarin, Sir David Bell has never shrunk from challenging the status quo. Now as Reading University’s new vice-chancellor, he is taking his reforming...
  • LibraryALAMY
    22 Feb 12
    Finance directors’ fears are mounting over how their councils will be able to run services effectively and balance their books in the medium term, a CIPFA survey reveals.
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    21 Feb 12
    Chancellor George Osborne has been urged to use next month’s Budget to end uncertainty over whether corporation tax powers will be devolved to Northern Ireland.
  • Anglesey
    14 Feb 12
    Most local authorities in Wales had their accounts ready on time, despite the challenges posed by the introduction of International Financial Reporting Standards, the Wales Audit Office said.
  • Whitehall
    10 Feb 12
    The government should be ‘unflinching’ in pushing through its public service reforms, Reform said today.
  • Hospital building
    9 Feb 12
    The public sector is paying more than it should for equity investment because investors tend to overstate the risk they are bearing, the National Audit Office said today in its latest report on...
  • Illustration: Mark Smith
    9 Feb 12
    Winning friends and influencing people is more vital than ever in today’s challenging and uncertain work environment. Fiona Dent explains how to go on the charm offensive to get people to co-operate...
  • Spacer
    7 Feb 12
    Whole of Government Accounts need to include all bodies that affect the financial position of the government, according to the Public Accounts Committee.
  • Spacer
    6 Feb 12
    Scotland is to overhaul its public procurement systems after a think-tank study found they were stacked against Scottish firms, losing the country millions of pounds of business.
  • Richard Douglas
    27 Jan 12
    As head of the Government Finance Profession, Richard Douglas is overseeing big changes to Whitehall’s financial management. He tells PF how he combines that with his day job at the Department of...
  • Spacer
    18 Jan 12
    Accountants have a vital role to play in the government’s ‘marketisation’ reforms of public services, a senior council leader has said.
  • Spreadsheet
    18 Jan 12
    Councils should make their accounts more understandable and accessible by reducing ‘clutter’ and using summary financial statements to communicate with councillors and residents, according to the...
  • Spacer
    13 Jan 12
    Public sector fraud is on the increase globally, with organisations particularly at risk from their own employees and suppliers, according to research published today by PricewaterhouseCoopers.
  • Shoppers Liverpool Shutterstock
    6 Jan 12
    Plans to allow councils to retain a share of their business rates could disadvantage areas where service need suddenly increases, according to a group of 46 municipal local authorities.
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    3 Jan 12
    Rod Aldridge, the former CIPFA technical director who founded the outsourcing company Capita, has been knighted in the latest round of honours.
  • Transparent
    21 Dec 11
    Ending centrally prescribed rules for the Housing Revenue Account means coming up with new ones. Depreciation and components are still tricky
  • rowing coaching MARK SMITH
    21 Dec 11
    Set the New Year off to a good start by developing a coaching approach. This is an excellent way of improving individuals’ skills and confidence, but it also motivates the team
  • Treasury
    20 Dec 11
    The first ever Whole of Government Accounts are a ‘big step forward’ for public sector financial management despite being qualified by the National Audit Office last month, according to the Treasury’...
  • Action Stations Angus Greig
    9 Dec 11
    The government’s implementation plan shows that ministers are serious about getting to grips with the problems associated with public sector ICT projects
  • Illustration: Mark Smith
    6 Dec 11
    All staff learn as they do their jobs, building up individual mines of useful information. But sometimes it stays inside them instead of being shared more widely – and they take it with them when...