• Public Finance
    2 Dec 99
    A High Court victory by homeless families who objected to being placed in seaside accommodation will add to the spiralling cost of homelessness in London, local authorities warned this week.
  • Public Finance
    25 Nov 99
    Seventeen local authorities placed under 'special measures' by the government have complained that they were treated unfairly by being named and shamed by social care minister John Hutton.
  • Public Finance
    8 Jul 99
    Councillors are over-whelmingly white, male and middle-aged and they are putting off prospective candidates, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation warned this week.
  • Public Finance
    6 May 99
    Home Secretary Jack Straw this week committed Britain to accepting 1,000 Kosovar refugees a week and promised local authorities that the government will foot the bill.
  • 13 Aug 98
    The government's success in driving forward the Private Finance Initiative in the health sector was underlined this week with the signing of two further large contracts worth around £190m.