Blunkett promises £82m literacy boost for 11-14-year-olds

19 Oct 00
The government is to invest £82m in a new literacy and numeracy scheme for 11 14-year-olds, Education Secretary David Blunkett announced this week.

20 October 2000

Targets for secondary schools require 85% of 14-year-olds to reach set levels of achievement in English, maths and information technology by 2007. The scheme will try and help children attain these targets.

'Pupils are leaving primary school with a better education than ever before as a result of literacy and numeracy hours,' said Blunkett. 'But we need to do more, particularly for 11 – 14-year-olds, where standards are simply not high enough.'

The Department for Education is also extending the special help programme for inner-city schools to cover a further ten areas, at a cost of £180m.


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