Leeds launches learning network

23 Nov 00
Leeds City Council is to provide e-mail and Internet access for its 298 schools through a deal with BT Syncodia Systems, British Telecom's e-business arm.

24 November 2000

The Leeds Learning Network launched this week will involve schools, libraries and museums across the city and will allow 117,000 schoolchildren and their teachers, as well as students and the general public, access to up-to-date technology.

'The network enables Leeds to meet, ahead of schedule, government targets for the provision of e-mail and Internet access for all school children,' said a council spokesman. 'Each school will have its own area on the network for which it will be responsible.'

The council expects 410 sites in the city to provide access to the network by 2002. Five city learning centres will be set up, allowing public access to the network.


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