NHF prepares to ask tenants for their views on housing

9 Sep 99
A new standardised service for testing the satisfaction of tenants living in council and housing association properties was launched this week by the National Housing Federation.

10 September 1999

The 'feedback' questionnaire will allow local authorities and registered social landlords to survey tenants and compare their responses with those given by tenants living under other landlords.

It includes 41 questions covering topics ranging from satisfaction with landlords and value for money, to the quality of accommodation and repairs.

NHF chief executive Jim Coulter said the questionnaire, which has been endorsed by the Housing Corporation and the Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions, would mean satisfaction levels were measured objectively as part of Best Value.

Paul Lautman, head of housing at the Local Government Association, said councils were interested in any scheme which informed them of tenants' views and allowed them to demonstrate value for money.


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