Leveraging Value from Digital Transformation – How the Public Sector Can Capitalise

Date: Fri, 10/02/2020 - 13:30

On Thursday 17 September at 13:00hrs (BST), Public Finance hosted a webinar in partnership with insightsoftware. You can now watch this webinar free on demand.



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Modern technologies can complement each other, offering new possibilities for visualisation, instruction, informing, communication, collaboration, and engagement in planning operations. But such processes are often not provided by single technologies. Rather, they are made up of different technologies leading towards transformational change and a key focus for all public sector organizations are operational financial constraints and challenges.

As the public sector moves forward with new challenges, it is critical to understand how technology can create new possibilities. If finance leaders focus solely on separate technologies, they potentially risk buying them without the necessary support or infrastructure. Financial and operational solutions can work together to open exciting and more cost-effective opportunities for the public sector. For example, real-time decision support, automation of reconciliation processes and reducing period-end timelines and workload. Achieving these goals requires not only the typical cross-functional collaboration but also understanding the technology convergence that lies ahead and how best to capitalise on it and achieve cost efficiency.


  • How real-time reporting solutions can enable better decision making and facilitate value add activity.
  • How to achieve financial and operational goals and capitalize on cost-efficiency
  • Understanding how modern technologies can complement each other and offer new possibilities in financial and operational reporting

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