Navigating digital transformation in public sector finance: start your journey with T&E

Date: Tue, 06/09/2020 - 13:00
In association with: SAP Concur

On Tuesday 9 June at 13:00hrs (BST), Public Finance hosted a webinar in partnership with SAP Concur. You can now watch this webinar free on demand.


For many government departments, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the value of systems and processes that can be automated, streamlined and accessed and managed remotely.

For some, the prospect of digital transformation can feel daunting and too big a leap.

However, many public sector finance teams are already embarking on digital transformation projects that are delivering efficiency, simplicity, stronger risk and compliance measures and the ability to better forecast.

This webinar, brought to you in partnership between SAP Concur solutions and Public Finance magazine, explored some of the opportunities created by digital transformation and how public sector finance teams can begin to reap the benefits by starting with a project such as travel and expenses.

The session covered:

  • The latest trends in digital transformation
  • The benefits and tangible results of public sector digital transformation
  • Moving your travel and expenses to a safe and secure automated system
  • Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council: a case study example




Jon Watkins
Host, Editor
Public Finance Magazine



David Hipwell
Local Authority Lead
SAP Concur



David Robinson
Service Director
Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council



Graham Oliver
Senior Consultant
Moore Insight



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