Procurement & outsourcing

  • 12 May 14
    Public corporations are a sensible alternative to the use of privatised suppliers. But they are being held back by an outdated reputation and weird accounting rules
  • 5 Mar 14
    Public service outsourcing firms today said they were willing to start using open-book accounting and allow their contracts to be scrutinised by the National Audit Office
  • 15 Jan 14
    Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude has hailed changes to streamline European Union procurement rules as a win for the UK
  • 30 Sep 13
    The Ministry of Justice’s approach to outsourcing probation contracts will be a test of the government’s commitment to voluntary, social, mutual and co-operative organisations. Many fear...
  • 5 Jun 13
    Public sector procurement needs to become increasingly commercial in its approach. Better market intelligence and contract management are key to doing it smarter
  • 4 Feb 13
    Outsourcing hit the news for all the wrong reasons last year, putting traditional contracts under scrutiny. So what does the future hold? As the public sector grapples with huge cuts, expect new...
  • prisons
    6 Jun 12
    Ministry of Justice plans for more private sector prisons are expected to bring innovation and cut re-offending. But critics are warning about the risks to staffing levels and an erosion of...
  • 9 Dec 11
    The Ministry of Defence failed to deliver any armored vehicles in more than a decade, despite spending £1.1bn on a procurement scheme, the Public Accounts Committee has said.