Banking & finance

  • Shaun Kingsbury, CEO of The UK Green Investment Bank
    21 Jun 15
    The UK Green Investment Bank aims to make a healthy profit for the taxpayer by ploughing £3.8bn of public money into renewable energy, as chief executive Shaun Kingsbury explains
  • The government’s stake in Royal Bank of Scotland is to be sold off, but could see the Treasury lose around £7.2bn.
    11 Jun 15
    The government’s stake in Royal Bank of Scotland is to be sold off, but could see the Treasury lose around £7.2bn.
  • Lloyds Bank
    1 Jun 15
    The Treasury has confirmed that it will offer shares in the bailed-out Lloyds Banking Group to the general public within the next year as part of moves to return the bank to full private ownership.
  • Mosque at sunset
    22 May 15
    Built upon equal sharing of profit and loss as well as other ethical principles, Islamic finance is prospering in the UK and could provide an alternative approach to managing public funds
  • Lloyds Bank
    21 May 15
    The two government bodies that manage most of the taxpayer’s stakes in business are to be merged into a single company, Chancellor George Osborne has announced.
  • Public Finance
    13 Mar 15
    The UK has announced that it is to become a founding member of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, which will provide finance for economic infrastructure projects in the region.
  • Payslips
    13 Mar 15
    Nearly a million public sector workers are to receive average pay increases of 1% in 2015/16, Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander has confirmed.
  • Canary Wharf
    9 Mar 15
    The Treasury still needs to learn lessons from the financial crash and must plan for a wide range of different crisis scenarios, a committee of MPs said today.
  • 19 Dec 14
    The government has recovered a further £1.36bn from collapsed Icelandic bank Icesave to repay the Treasury for refunds made to British savers in the institution during the financial crisis.
  • 4 Feb 14
    Most councils that invested in the failed Icelandic bank Landsbanki have recouped the majority of the money they are due after selling their claims, the Local Government Association has said.
  • 17 Jan 14
    Ed Miliband today pledged to break up the five large retail banks in the UK to increase competition in the market if Labour wins the next election.
  • 15 Jan 14
    Chancellor George Osborne has today been urged to block attempts by the state-owned Royal Bank of Scotland to increase the level of bonuses it can pay employees
  • Businesses should be able to self assess the value of their properties as part of further reforms to the business rate system, according to the Local Government Association.
    3 Dec 13
    A Municipal Bond Agency would free up local authorities to invest in housing and other services, without adding to government debt. But some key reforms to the borrowing rules will be needed
  • 24 Sep 13
    The Local Government Association has helped to recover a further £21m that councils had invested in the collapsed Icelandic bank Landsbanki.
  • Cash
    14 Jun 13
    The Treasury is reluctant to confirm how much the Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards is costing the taxpayer, but it could be up to £1m. Let’s hope it proves worth the money
  • 30 May 13
    After five years of downbeat and depressing press conferences, Sir Mervyn King actually sounded quite chirpy in his last hurrah as Bank of England governor
  • 23 Apr 13
    After a slow start, the Green Deal is proving a popular way for the government to attempt to reduce carbon emissions and for residents to lower their energy bills. But there’s also a major role...
  • 13 Mar 13
    The cost of funding public sector construction projects can be high, but don’t forget to refinance when the risk profile changes. It’s like leasing a Ferrari to attract girlfriends then...
  • 27 Jun 12
    Sir John Gieve has been there, done that, seen the blood on the carpet. The former Bank of England deputy governor talks to Judy Hirst about lessons from the last financial crash, the eurozone crisis...
  • 8 Apr 10
    The government now owns billions of pounds worth of banks in the UK, which it will have to restore to the private sector at some point. But when, how and what should the taxpayer get back? PF...
  • 5 Nov 09
    A year and a half into the recession, how close are the public finances to Treasury forecasts and what does the future hold? In the run-up to the Pre-Budget Report, the IFS’s Carl Emmerson and Gemma...
  • 23 Jul 09
    UK Financial Investments is meant to be looking after the taxpayers’ massive stake in the country’s failed banks. But concerns are mounting about the Treasury agency’s ‘hands off’ approach. Paul...
  • 21 Feb 08
    The credit crunch scored a first this week, the nationalisation of a bank. But behind the scenes it is also having a serious impact on public sector pension schemes and proposed PFI projects. Paul...