• Cornwall is set to be the first county to secure a devolution deal from the government, while discussions are underway to reach devolution deals with four cities in England, George Osborne has announced.
    29 Jul 16
    Growing uncertainty over the future of European funding for infrastructure and regeneration projects across England will hit economic growth unless there is clarity from government soon, councils...
  • NHS nurses
    14 Jun 16
    Britain’s most senior trade union leader is warning there will be less money available to fund the NHS if the UK votes to leave the European Union next week.
  • Patchwork Europe - image: Ikon
    26 Apr 16
    The EU has a great influence on who can work in the UK and how these staff are treated. Would the UK’s public sector be better or worse off without this source of labour and employment...
  • Global warming - image: Nasa
    25 Apr 16
    Facts and figures from the May 2016 edition of Public Finance magazine, on public sector employment, academy enthusiasm, trust in government, city regions and Brexit
  • European flag close-up
    18 Apr 16
    Many people are considering the personal financial impact of EU membership, and LSE academics have crunched the vital numbers
  • 4 Apr 16
    Much regeneration in the UK has been supported by EU funding. How will it be affected if the UK votes to leave?
  • European flag close-up
    23 Feb 16
    The EU’s Court of Auditors recognises change is in the air with crises over the euro, migration and Brexit. So it is considering a “wholly new approach” to financial management
  • European Parliament building
    22 Feb 16
    The EU, with its imposition of rules and regulations, has tempered the UK’s fondness for muddling along, forcing it to make better decisions and become more far sighted
  • 17 Feb 16
    Facts and figures from the March 2016 edition of Public Finance magazine, featuring public trust in officials, EU vs UK vs US employment trends, inflation, housebuilding and Brexit
  • European Commission in Brussels
    7 Aug 15
    Local enterprise partnerships (LEPs) will be the key players in deciding how £2.5bn worth of European Regional Development Fund money is spent to support local projects that promote economic...
  • Board Intelligence
    13 Feb 15
    Sir Roger Carr is Chairman of BAE Systems, a member of the Prime Minister’s Business Advisory Group, Senior Advisor to KKR and a Visiting Fellow of Saïd Business School. Sir Roger was formerly...