• 13 Jul 15
    Introduction of a National Living Wage could cost councils more than £1bn a year by 2020/21 through additional payments to staff and to contractors, an analysis by the Local Government...
  • 20 Jan 15
    Public workers' pay remains under pressure as the deficit stubbornly refuses to shrink. But what counts as public sector pay in a world of outsourcing to the private sector and what does the...
  • 24 Sep 14
    As NHS staff ballot on industrial action – and discontent rises over pay and salary progression throughout the public sector – years of severe pay restraint are taking their toll
  • 11 Dec 13
    Much of the focus in debates about low pay has been on younger workers. But many older employees are stuck in low-paid jobs, and making little progress
  • 13 Nov 13
    Recent good news on the jobs front should not obscure the fact that real wages have been falling for at least four years. Overall, the wage squeeze has created a lost decade for pay
  • Cash
    20 Sep 13
    Well-paid meaningful jobs are pretty rare. If you’re searching for purpose and validation through your work, then don’t expect to get paid well