Keep bin collections weekly, says Pickles

6 Jan 14
Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles has issued new Whitehall bin guidance to every council in England, urging town halls to support weekly rubbish collections

Pickles said the guidance tackled ‘myths’ put forward by authorities that have moved to fortnightly collections. People deserved a comprehensive weekly service in return for their council tax, he said.

The information, which was published on Saturday, highlights councils that have managed to provide weekly collections while also increasing recycling and making efficiency savings.

Pickles’ ‘myths’ also include the claim that people don’t want their bins collected every week. He cited surveys that have shown more than 95% of residents support keeping weekly collections. 

He added that it was not true that only fortnightly collections can make residents recycle. Schemes that reward people who recycle with shopping vouchers, such as one being run by Windsor and Maidenhead Borough Council, can dramatically increase rates, he said.

‘Rubbish collections are the most visible service that people get for their £120 a month council tax bill. People deserve a comprehensive weekly service in return for their taxes.

‘We have exposed ten false fictions fortnightly bin barons cling to as excuses for cutting services. If councils adopt this new guide as their “bin bible”, they will be able to save taxpayers’ money and still increase the frequency and quality of rubbish and recycling collections.’

The Department for Communities and Local Government’s has previously offered councils money to restore weekly collections of waste, but only 85 councils were awarded funds.


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