Its up to us to lead on climate change, says LGA chair

13 Mar 08
Councils must take the lead on climate change, the Local Government Association has warned.

14 March 2008

Councils must take the lead on climate change, the Local Government Association has warned.

Launching its climate change campaign, Small Change, Big Difference, on March 13, LGA chair Sir Simon Milton called on local government to 'take the lead, from reducing our own emissions and becoming more energy efficient, to visibly taking real steps to protect our communities from extreme weather'.

Addressing delegates at the LGA's Future Places Conference in Liverpool, he called on councils to commit to:

  • all Local Area Agreements containing at least one target relating to climate change;
  • signing the Nottingham Declaration on climate change by the end of 2008;
  • reducing their carbon footprint by 1.5 million tonnes; and
  • reducing carbon emissions by 32 million tonnes.

'Local government is the only body able to drive effective change at the household level, and with households producing a quarter of all emissions, we must drive that change forward,' Milton said.

'It is the duty of those councils who are excelling to build a momentum of enthusiasm and purpose amongst all authorities.

'We need to ensure that while the best have the necessary means to push ever onward in their efforts, we are able to ensure that councils who are behind get the support they need to make this a core function,' he added.

Meanwhile, at the same conference, the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence launched guidance to help communities get involved in the planning, design and delivery of services that can improve people's health and wellbeing.

Liam Hughes, national adviser on healthy communities at the Improvement and Development Agency, said: 'It is likely that strong, engaged and empowered communities will be healthier communities.'



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