Social tenants less prepared to move between authorities

4 Oct 01
Fewer people are crossing local authority boundaries to be housed by a registered social landlord.

05 October 2001

Research commissioned by the Housing Corporation shows 11.2% of RSL lettings in 1997/98 were made to households moving between local authorities, compared with 15.7% in 1990/91.

The statistics are published in a report this week entitled Migration: residential preferences and the changing environment of cities.

Part of the reduction in migration is due to the increasing number of stock transfers from councils to housing associations which, according to the study by the University of Newcastle,

has 'brought tenants with a tradition of moving within their own sector into the RSL sector'.

But David Cheesman, the corporation's head of policy, research and statistics, queried whether RSLs are doing enough to attract tenants from further afield.

'Are housing associations doing enough to offer their customers choice, giving them sufficient opportunities for rehousing, especially where their need to move has more to do with employment, family and lifestyle?' he asked.


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