Councils told to get to grips with waste

5 Jul 01
The Audit Commission has warned councils they are not on track to meet statutory targets for waste management and recycling.

06 July 2001

In the first of a series of reports based on the evidence of Best Value inspections, Waste management – the strategic challenge, the commission concludes that councils will not achieve an average 25% of recyclable household waste by 2005 and 30% by 2010 unless changes in policy are made.

Recommendations include adopting kerbside collection of recyclable waste and developing ways to reduce the total amount of waste.

The commission also urged councils to make long-term commitments to better waste-disposal facilities.

'Best Value inspections reveal many councils rising to the challenge of developing their strategies in this area, but the majority of authorities still have much progress to make,' said Sir Andrew Foster, the commission's controller.

'The management of waste is one of the key environmental concerns facing society.'


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