Housing Corporation gives biggest grant to minority ethnic RSL

1 Mar 01
A black and minority ethnic (BME) housing association this week emerged as the largest single beneficiary of the Housing Corporation's investment programme for 2001/02.

02 March 2001

Ujima Housing Association, which owns more than 20,000 properties across London, is to receive £39.1m next year. BME associations will, in total, receive enough to build 1,600 homes for rent – up from 1,000 this year.

This is the second year the corporation's approved development programme has been allocated according to local and regional priorities rather than a national
formula. In total, registered social landlords in England are receiving more than £1,037m for new developments, repair programmes and regeneration schemes.

The money will cover 18,000 new homes for rent (including 1,100 in small rural communities) and 4,000 for lost-cost ownership.

Additional public subsidy and private finance means that more than £2bn will be spent on housing by RSLs in 2001/02.


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