Housing associations face Best Value PIs

27 Jan 00
Housing associations are being asked to provide new management data for the Housing Corporation, to tie in with the introduction of Best Value in local authorities.

28 January 2000

A consultation paper published by the corporation on January 21 proposes that 11 of the 14 performance indicators developed for councils as part of Best Value should also apply to registered social landlords.

Five of these, including tenant satisfaction, energy efficiency and renovation of stock, cover areas which do not come under the current indicator framework for RSLs.

The new framework, which will not come into force before March 2001, is also likely to include new PIs on supported housing.

The corporation suggests 24 possible PIs for supported housing, which is not looked at separately in the current indicator framework, but stresses that only some of these will ultimately be enforced. RSLs have to provide data for more than 60 PIs, although the precise number is a matter of dispute between the Housing Corporation and the National Housing Federation.

John Bryant, policy officer at the NHF, gave the corporation's proposals 'two cheers out of three', but added that there is scope for reducing the regulatory burden on RSLs through amending the separate system of performance standards.


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