Gren Folwell returned as CIPFAs honorary treasurer

13 Jan 00
Gren Folwell has been re-elected as CIPFA's honorary treasurer for 2000/01 in the first contested election for the post in living memory.

14 January 2000

Folwell, the former deputy chief executive of the Halifax bank, defeated Ian Perkin by 2,297 votes to 1,478 on a turnout of 28.2%. This will be his fourth year in the role.

The election was controversial because Perkin, finance director of St George's Healthcare NHS Trust, used it to publicise his views on the Institute's marketing campaign for its revised qualification.

He states on his website that he put himself forward 'not because I particularly want to be treasurer, but because it represents an opportunity to further publicise my views on the decline of the Institute and my suggestions for reversing the decline'.

At an earlier meeting of CIPFA's council, Mike Weaver and Chris Hurford were nominated to office unopposed as the Institute's next president and vice-president. Weaver is director of financial services at Worcestershire County Council and Hurford is associate director of District Audit.


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