Citrix/Public Finance webinar: Fighting public sector fraud

Date: Tue, 06/23/2015 - 13:00
In association with: Citrix
Fraud and corruption is a serious problem in the public sector with more than £20bn lost to fraudulent activity each year. The loss to local government alone is a hefty £2.1bn, while central government loses around £2.6bn.

We know that fraud risks are becoming all the more challenging and complex. Changes to the benefits system, the roll out of personal budgets in social care, greater financial autonomy for academies and free schools all present new threats.

So what can public sector professionals do to tackle both established and emerging fraud risks?

Register now to view our one-hour webinar, now available on demand. It provides:

  • An overview of the fraud landscape and how it is changing
  • How to spot public sector fraud risks
  • Case studies from across the public sector, including local government and health
  • What individuals and organisations can do to manage and reduce fraudulent activity and the risk of fraud 
Featured speakers:
Rachael Tiffen: head of the CIPFA Counter Fraud Centre; John Baker: anti-fraud/bribery specialist, Moore Stephens; Alan Doig: anti-corruption expert and visiting professor at Newcastle Business School

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