• Uschi Schreiber of EY
    3 Jul 14
    Public Finance talks to EY’s Uschi Schreiber at the CIPFA Conference about emerging global trends, how the public sector can respond and the role of women in public finance
  • 26 Jun 14
    CIPFA’s new president is said to be ‘fearless, but never reckless’, despite his enthusiasm for sports cars and speedboats. Mike Owen tells PF about his goals for the year ahead and...
  • 25 Jun 14
    The straight-talking chair of the Public Accounts Committee is well known for taking no prisoners in pursuit of the public pound. She talks to PF about going after tax dodgers, how to take on Ukip...
  • 1 May 14
    With huge changes to NHS structures and culture, it’s an exciting time to be working in health policy. Nigel Edwards, the new chief executive of the Nuffield Trust thinktank, talks to PF about...
  • 25 Apr 14
    Annuities reform was the big ticket item in the chancellor’s ‘makers, doers and savers’ Budget, but at what cost to the public purse? PF talks to pensions minister Steve Webb about...
  • 26 Mar 14
    Once Sir Michael Wilshaw was hailed as ‘a real hero’ by Education Secretary Michael Gove. So what left him ‘spitting blood’ in a battle with the Department for Education? The...
  • 24 Mar 14
    Shadow Treasury chief secretary Chris Leslie says that he wants to ‘declutter’ public services and chuck out the deficit. He talks to PF about Labour’s economic makeover
  • 1 Nov 13
    Health secretary Jeremy Hunt says he wants to hear ‘uncomfortable truths’ from the Care Quality Commission in future. So how much is chief executive David Behan willing to tell him?
  • 17 Jul 13
    Tim Harford, Financial Times journalist and author of ‘The undercover economist”, talks to Public Finance about statistics, predictions and learning to adapt
  • 4 Jun 13
    Finance Minister Jane Hutt is marshalling Wales’ response to austerity. She talks to Public Finance about the Labour-led nation’s battle for new fiscal powers, and why she’s not...
  • 27 Nov 12
    The chair of the new Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission, former Labour health secretary Alan Milburn, talks to Mike Thatcher about the changes needed to improve access to higher education...
  • 5 Sep 12
    Former CIPFA president Caroline Gardner is back at Audit Scotland, sowing the seeds of good financial management and tackling the public sector’s perennial problems. She tells PF that her past...
  • Photo: Sam Kestevan
    27 Apr 12
    Last summer’s riots inflicted untold misery on individuals and businesses across England. But the views and concerns of those who suffered are now being heard loud and clear thanks to the work of...
  • Photo: Akin Falope
    24 Feb 12
    As schools chief inspector and top education mandarin, Sir David Bell has never shrunk from challenging the status quo. Now as Reading University’s new vice-chancellor, he is taking his reforming...
  • Richard Douglas
    27 Jan 12
    As head of the Government Finance Profession, Richard Douglas is overseeing big changes to Whitehall’s financial management. He tells PF how he combines that with his day job at the Department of...
  • Olympian Task SAM
    1 Nov 11
    The race is on to complete the venues for the London 2012 Games and Dennis Hone is stewarding it. The chief executive of the Olympic Delivery Authority talks to Neil Merrick about the false starts...
  • PortesKESTEVAN
    26 Sep 11
    The new head of the National Institute of Economic and Social Research has hit the ground criticising. And it is the chancellor's over-rigid fiscal tightening that former government chief economist...
  • 24 May 11
    It's not the easiest time to be running the finances of an NHS hospital but Chelsea & Westminster FD Lorraine Bewes says the prognosis is good. She tells PF how the foundation trust is...
  • 18 Apr 11
    Swingeing cuts mean it’s not a barrel of laughs at the ‘Ministry of Fun’ any more. But the show will go on at the Department for Culture, Media & Sport, finance director Simon...
  • 9 Jul 09
    Forget green shoots. We’re in for a long, hard ride, Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz tells Judy Hirst, and an even bigger spending stimulus is the only way out
  • LGA logo
    22 Feb 07
    The Local Government Association's new finance and performance director expects to be a 'broker of understanding' for town halls and Whitehall, he tells Joseph McHugh