• 29 Apr 14
    When David Cameron and Nick Clegg crossed the Severn to hand over new fiscal powers to the Welsh Assembly, they kept a ‘lockstep’ on income tax. But there’s no turning back from the...
  • Council houses - rectangle
    2 Apr 14
    Now is the moment to start thinking about a long-term replacement for the council tax. Reform is not easy, but it is not impossible either
  • Budget box
    19 Mar 14
    Many of the eye-catching measures in the Budget on pensions and ISAs will do little to tackle underlying growth and productivity issues. They continue a pattern of short-termist thinking by the...
  • 28 Nov 13
    If we’re all in this together, why are pensioners given special treatment? The government should ensure that older workers are no longer exempt from National Insurance Contributions and that pensions...
  • 25 Sep 13
    Some councils appear to be taking advantage of what they see as a loophole in the legislation regarding the Housing Revenue Account. But such attempts are not only morally wrong, they are legally...
  • 2 Sep 13
    It’s good that the government wants to encourage more investment in social enterprises. But the plan to introduce a new tax relief raises some difficult questions for the chancellor, the taxman...
  • Building plans
    24 Jun 13
    Local government anxiously awaits the outcome of the Spending Review. But it's not just the overall totals that count, it's also the fairness of the distribution system - and poorer councils...
  • 22 Apr 13
    Both Conservative and Labour politicians are using disingenuous arguments to justify their approach to council tax ahead of the local elections. It's time to insert some clarity and context into...
  • Welsh pound coin
    22 Apr 10
    Top-up fees have worked in other countries and must be considered as an alternative way of raising revenue
  • 4 Jun 04
    From time to time, evidence of invisible people and invisible jobs appear on the government’s radar screen: when the Census didn’t make sense, when cockle- pickers died in Morecambe Bay....