Business & industry

  • 12 May 14
    Public corporations are a sensible alternative to the use of privatised suppliers. But they are being held back by an outdated reputation and weird accounting rules
  • 31 Mar 14
    Management decisions based on hunches and intuition resemble 17th century medicine – witchcraft with added leeches. So, asks Alasdair Robertson, how do you assemble a business case that appeals to...
  • Budget box
    19 Mar 14
    Many of the eye-catching measures in the Budget on pensions and ISAs will do little to tackle underlying growth and productivity issues. They continue a pattern of short-termist thinking by the...
  • 2 Sep 13
    It’s good that the government wants to encourage more investment in social enterprises. But the plan to introduce a new tax relief raises some difficult questions for the chancellor, the taxman...
  • 4 Feb 13
    Outsourcing hit the news for all the wrong reasons last year, putting traditional contracts under scrutiny. So what does the future hold? As the public sector grapples with huge cuts, expect new...
  • 24 Feb 12
    Crucial details of the new local business rates system will be published in May, it has emerged.