Accounting standards

  • 8 Jul 15
    The International Public Sector Accounting Standards Board (IPSASB) has been presented with CIPFA’s annual Sir Harry Page Merit Award, given for work in public service accounting and...
  • 3 Jun 15
    A pensions expert has called for the Treasury’s Whole of Government Accounts to include an estimate of future state pension payments after finding these could more than treble the UK’s...
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    22 May 15
    The biggest changes in local authority accounting rules for 2016/17 are to the main financial statements and measuring transport infrastructure assets
  • 2 Jul 14
    CIPFA and the International Federation of Accountants have launched a good governance framework for the public sector.
  • 11 Jun 14
    The National Audit Office has qualified the Whole of Government Accounts for the fourth successive year because of concerns with the quality and consistency of data.
  • 8 May 14
    The regulator is getting tough with charities in England and Wales that file their accounts late. John Maddocks looks at the importance of transparency and new best practice for trustees due this...
  • 19 Dec 13
    Plans by the Chancellor to finance 30,000 new university places by selling off the student loan book are worse than economic nonsense. They are based on flawed thinking and flawed accounting
  • 11 Dec 13
    The credibility of the Treasury’s Whole of Government Accounts continues to be ‘undermined’ by a number of errors and omissions that should be rectified, the Public Accounts Committee said today.
  • 4 Oct 13
    Three consultations proposing key changes signal some important challenges ahead for the future direction of local government finance
  • 3 Sep 13
    Steve Freer, CIPFA’s chief executive for the past 13 years, weighs up the significance for the public sector, the accountancy profession and the institute of this extraordinarily turbulent period
  • 7 Mar 12
    Councils coped well with the first year of accounting under IFRS – an impressive achievement in harsh times. Now they must get the most out of the changes
  • 26 Jan 12
    Investment in infrastructure is the chancellor’s way of providing a necessary stimulus to the flatlining economy. But how does he intend to find the funds without dipping into the public purse or...