General election 2015

  • 30 Mar 15
    The Institute for Government has called for independent scrutiny of political party spending pledges ahead of general elections to ensure that future coalition negotiations take place on a sound...
  • Children in classroom
    27 Mar 15
    Day-to-day spending on schools has been ‘remarkably’ well protected under the coalition government, but regardless of who wins the next election cuts of 7% or more are possible, the...
  • 26 Mar 15
    The independence referendum has reframed the way Scots approach elections, and looks likely to deliver sweeping gains for the Scottish National Party at the May 7 general election, top political...
  • Running with Scissors cover
    20 Mar 15
    As the nation prepares for the polls, there’s a reluctance to discuss the details on cuts and funding of public services.
  • Ian Ball CIPFA International
    25 Feb 15
    British voters deserve to be as well-informed as shareholders when it comes to getting the whole accounting picture on the fiscal state of the economy
  • 5 Nov 14
    What does CIPFA want from the political parties come May 2015? Some honesty about the fiscal position, for starters – and realism about the hard choices to be made
  • No 10
    1 Apr 14
    It’s rare not to be able to predict the outcome of a British general election. But the May 2015 poll has a number of uncertainties and is simply too close to call
  • 28 Jan 14
    All parties promise much, but deliver little, on housing. In the run-up to 2015 they must take a long view of the 'hard choices' needed to address the issue
  • 22 Apr 13
    Both Conservative and Labour politicians are using disingenuous arguments to justify their approach to council tax ahead of the local elections. It's time to insert some clarity and context into...