Social care green paper delayed again

5 Apr 19

Social care professionals have expressed disappointment after the publication of a green paper has been delayed again. 

Health secretary Matt Hancock’s self-imposed deadline of 1 April for the social green paper has been missed and the Department of Health and Social Care expects the paper “in due course”.

Glen Garrod, president of the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services, said: “By now there should have been a published green paper, a national debate over several months and, as a result, a government response indicating the direction of travel for adult social care.

“We need a well informed and considered green paper and national debate on the future of social care at the earliest possible opportunity.

“Without this, it is difficult to see how the forthcoming Spending Review can be influenced towards a sustainable solution of social care.”

The government initially intended to publish the green paper in the summer of 2017 but has missed several deadlines since then.

After missing a December 2018 deadline, Hancock denied media reports that the green paper had been overlooked due to Brexit and said he was putting the “finishing touches” to the paper.



In January, Hancock told the Commons: “When I answered previous questions on the timing on the social care green paper, I said it would be provided ‘soon’. I certainly intend that to happen before April.”

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