Crossrail ‘could be delayed until 2021’

18 Apr 19
Crossrail could go more than two years over its deadline despite billions of extra funding, it has been reported.

The project, which was supposed to be running by December 2018, could now be pushed back until spring 2021, the BBC has reported.

A senior source within the project told the BBC that the “best case scenario” would see the Elizabeth Line opening in spring 2020. “A worst is the spring of 2021” the source said.

The source said the delay may be down to the testing of trains and signalling, which was “proving more difficult than first thought”.

The project, which has been handed £2.8bn extra since starting, will create a new east-west railway through London and beyond. The overall cost has grown from £14.8bn in 2010 to £17.6bn this year – an increase of 19%.

A Public Accounts Committee report from early April warned that the project may go over deadline and budget. It said: “Some £2.8bn of extra funding has been provided for Crossrail but even that may not be enough.”

The project was granted a £350m bailout from the government in October 2018 to ensure the project maintains “full momentum”.

A spokesperson for Crossrail said: “London needs the Elizabeth line completed as quickly as possible and brought into service for passengers. We are working very hard to finalise our new plan to deliver the opening of the Elizabeth line at the earliest opportunity and we will be providing more details later this month.”

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