Bradley confirms pay cut with NI assembly members

28 Sep 18

The Northern Ireland secretary is pushing on with plans to cut assembly members’ salaries by more than a quarter from next month. 

Karen Bradley announced on 6 September that, because of the lack of functioning devolved government, she would impose a 15% cut on MLAs from 1 November, and a further 12.5% from 1 January next year if the Northern Ireland Executive has still not been restored.

A letter sent to MLAs confirms the arrangements.

“My absolute priority, and the priority of the UK government, is to restore devolved government at the earliest opportunity,” Bradley said today. 

“I recognise that MLAs still carry out important work, but it can’t be right that they continue to receive their full salary until the executive and the assembly are restored.”

She added that legislation would follow to provide the Northern Ireland Civil Service with guidance on the decisions they can make while the executive remains in abeyance.

Travel allowances have also been reduced and a planned inflation-linked pay rise cancelled, but the pay of staff working for MLAs would not be affected.

There has been no government at Stormont since January 2017 when power-sharing arrangements collapsed.

Westminster has assumed powers for budget setting and other public administration duties.

  • Vivienne Russell

    Vivienne Russell is managing editor of Public Finance magazine and

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