CIPFA Brexit commission launches with mission statement

24 Aug 17

CIPFA has officially launched its Brexit Advisory Commission to examine the challenges and opportunities facing the public sector as the UK withdraws from the EU.

Today’s launch was marked by the release of the commission’s mission statement, which outlines its research themes and principles.

In the document, the commission recognises that exiting the EU is likely to generate significant challenges for the UK’s public services.

The advisory group has also identified additional scope to reshape EU legislation and policy to enhance services for the benefit of communities. 

Brexit Advisory Commission chair Julia Goldsworthy said: “Just as considerations about local public services were a factor in the voting choices many people made in the EU referendum, so too must they play a key part in shaping any Brexit deal.

“The legal, fiscal and policy changes that will accompany Brexit must be converted into meaningful opportunities to reform our public services –improving outcomes for the citizens that rely on them and reducing regional disparities.”

Later this year the commission will publish some evidence-based analysis of the relationship between UK public services and EU funding.

It will also bring forward policy recommendations on how future funding mechanisms could best work.

In addition to Goldsworthy, a former Liberal Democrat MP and special adviser, the commission’s members include:

  • Marina Wheeler QC
  • Vicky Pryce, economist, CEBR
  • Paul Johnson, director, Institute for Fiscal Studies
  • Niall Dickson, CEO, NHS Confederation
  • Andrew Carter, deputy director, Centre for Cities
  • Anna Randle, head of public services, Collaborate CIC
  • Claire Kober, chair, London Councils
  • David Bell, professor of economics, University of Stirling
  • Gill Payne, director of policy and external affairs, National Housing Federation
  • Julian McCrae, deputy director, Institute for Government
  • Kate Kennally, CEO, Cornwall Council
  • Warwick Lightfoot, director of research, Policy Exchange
  • Melanie Maxwell-Scott, director of policy, Business Services Association

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