CIPFA launches independent advisory commission on Brexit

29 Mar 17

CIPFA is launching an independent advisory commission on Brexit to highlight the risks and opportunities facing the public sector.

The announcement comes as prime minister Theresa May is poised to trigger Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty beginning the formal process of EU exit.

Chaired by former Liberal Democrat MP Julia Goldsworthy, the Brexit Advisory Commission for Public Services will explore the impact of negotiations on public services and aim to ensure the government fully considers public sector needs as it works towards a final deal.

Areas of focus will include state aid rules, structural and investment funding and the future of EU nationals employed in the public sector.

Goldsworthy, who formerly worked as a special adviser in the Treasury and now leads PwC’s market engagement work on devolution, said: “Brexit’s impact will be felt across the [public] sector, from Whitehall to town hall, affecting everything from staffing and funding, to procurement and taxation.

“It is truly a transformative moment that will not only pose challenges to the sector, but also has the potential to be a catalyst for much-needed public service reform.”

She added: “For both people that deliver our public services and those that use them, it’s important to deliver the best possible deal and to ensure Brexit’s impact is a positive force for change.”

CIPFA chief executive Rob Whiteman said: “There will be no second chances at making Brexit work for public services and the communities that depend on them.

“To ensure the impact on the sector is of high political importance, the commission will draw views from a variety of experts, policy bodies and professional organisations.”

He added: “Public service leaders are delighted the politically neutral commission will be chaired by Julia Goldsworthy who brings insight, experience and objectivity to national debate."


Aims of the Brexit Advisory Commission for Public Services:

  • To shape policy around Brexit at a ministerial level and help influence a sector-wide response.
  • To promote understanding of the impact Brexit could have on the public sector and how services will function outside of the EU.
  • To bring people together to share knowledge and discuss the future for public services post-Brexit.
  • To identify opportunities for wider public sector reform that would boost sustainability and growth of public finances.



CIPFA and PF will next week launch the latest edition of Perspectives, which considers the public finance and public policy questions arising from Brexit.

To attend the launch event on 4 April, please contact [email protected]

  • Vivienne Russell

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