GMB members vote to accept local government pay deal

21 Mar 16

Members of the GMB union in local government have voted to accept the two-year pay deal from council employers, the only one of the three main unions in the sector to do so.

The union said that a full ballot of members in councils, schools and most academies had voted by “a big majority” in favour of accepting the offer from the employers, although full figures have not been published.

Under the plan put forward in December, most council staff would receive a 1% pay rise in each of the next two years, while those earning less than £17,714 a year would receive higher increases to take account of the new National Living Wage.

However members of the other two unions that represent workers in the sector’s National Joint Council that negotiates with the Local Government Association’s National Employers group – Unison and Unite – had already voted to reject the deal. As a result, the trade union side has met to discuss possible next steps.

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