Counter Fraud Centre and BAE Systems partner on global risk register

26 Feb 15
CIPFA’s Counter Fraud Centre is to work with BAE Systems to compile its global risk register and develop new ways for public bodies to detect cases of fraud.

The institute’s partnership with the firm’s Applied Intelligence arm will also look for new ways that public sector organisations can use technology to identify and protect themselves against fraudulent activity and cyber attacks.

As well as looking to improve the use of advanced data analysis tools to better fight fraud, the partnership will also consider how to tackle money laundering.

Rachael Tiffen, head of the Counter Fraud Centre, said the initiative was aimed at making new capabilities available to public services to improve their counter-fraud and cyber security strategies and better protect the public pound.

‘Since the launch of CCFC last year, we have been looking at ways to create smarter technology that will allow public sector organisations across the UK to co-operate with each other,’ she added.

‘The institute is particularly excited about the fraud detection capability that is being developed by CIPFA and BAE Systems. Public services are experiencing huge shortfalls as a result of fraud and we hope to be able to decrease this by collecting and sharing data.’

George Robbins, from BAE Systems Applied Intelligence’s senior director of commercial solutions for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, said supporting the public sector in the fight against digital crime was key to ensuring resources were focused where they are most needed.

‘It is our pleasure to help bring the combination of the focused insight of CIPFA’s Counter Fraud Centre together with innovative technology to bear in the fight against fraud and cyber attack,’ he added.

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