CIPFA hails students’ ‘impressive’ exam results

23 Jan 15

CIPFA has welcomed a strong set of results by students sitting for both its professional qualification and the institute’s new public audit qualification.

The results for UK students sitting exams in December 2014 showed an overall pass rate of 75%, a slight increase on the 72% pass rate in June. There were particularly strong pass rates in the financial reporting (90%) and management accounting (97%) subjects.

CIPFA’s executive director of learning and membership Adrian Pulham congratulated students for what he called an impressive set of results.

‘These results provide a solid foundation for the full launch of CIPFA’s new PQ syllabus and e-assessment later this year,’ he said.

‘The modules our students have passed and the qualifications they have gained will ensure they are in the best position to build a successful career in public finance and make a powerful difference to public services around the world.’

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