Campaigners urge government action on disabled access

27 Oct 14
Ministers have been urged to block a proposed deregulation law to ensure that new homes are made accessible to disabled people.

A poll by the charity Leonard Cheshire Disability found that three-quarters of more than 2,000 people surveyed said they did not have a front door that was ‘disabled friendly’, while two-thirds do not have a bathroom wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair.

The poll came as peers are set to debate the Deregulation Bill, which campaigners say will make it harder for councils to insist that new homes are accessible. A separate proposal would prevent local authorities entirely from making sure private developers build disabled-accessible housing.

Leonard Cheshire Disability chief executive Clare Pelham said: ‘It is simply wrong that thousands of disabled people are ending up trapped all day in homes that are completely unsuitable for them. That makes for a miserable and lonely life for many disabled and older people. And it costs the taxpayer money.

‘Many disabled people are unable to move house and get a job because there aren’t enough “disabled-friendly” properties. Other older and disabled people could live independently in a properly adapted home but are forced into residential care. Government should be making laws that increase the number of accessible homes, not reduce them. The shortage will only get worse as more and more of us live longer and need support to maintain our independence.’




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