Report calls for more bus subsidies

5 Dec 02
The bus can compete with the car if the government increases subsidies, according to transport advisers.

06 December 2002

The Commission for Integrated Transport published a package of reforms on December 2 which, it claimed, could result in an extra 850 million bus journeys a year.

The report, Public subsidy for the bus industry, stated that the bus has a vital role to play in the government's transport policies and in tackling social exclusion. 'The bus can deliver change fast, cheaply and with enormous impact,' said Professor David Begg, the commission's chair. 'It must be at the heart of the delivery of integrated transport.'

The commission called for an extra £450m to be spent on buses, including £94m for local authorities to support bus priority measures, park-and-ride facilities and rural services.

The report suggested that £265m be invested in subsidising half-fare concessions for passengers on benefits or in full-time education. It proposed creating funds by restricting concessions to elderly and disabled people to 50%.


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