Now London teachers take to the picket line

28 Nov 02
The two largest classroom teaching unions went on a one-day strike in London this week over their demand for an increased allowance to cover the cost of living in the capital.

29 November 2002

The National Union of Teachers and the National Association of School Masters/Union of Women Teachers claim teachers are being driven out of London by the spiralling cost of living. They are asking the government to reconsider its offer of a 3.5% increase.

The unions are calling for a rise in teachers' living allowance to match the £6,000 received by police officers in central London. It is currently £3,105 for inner London and £2,043 for the outer areas of the capital.

As many as 10,000 teachers took part in a march to mark the industrial action on November 26. A spokeswoman for the NUT said the strike 'was a clear demonstration of how strongly teachers feel about the inadequacy of the London allowance and the effect it is having on schools'.


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