Capital boost for Northern Ireland

4 Jul 02
The biggest capital investment in Northern Ireland since devolution, worth £510m over the next two years, was this week announced by the Executive.

05 July 2002

It represents the first phase of the Reform and Reinvestment Initiative agreed with Westminster two months ago.

The largest single project is a £58m cancer centre, while a further £27m will be spent on increasing capacity in six hospitals.

Some £93m is going to schools, including £11.5m to build three special schools for children with physical or learning disabilities. An extra £50m is allocated through a public-private partnership to improve research infrastructure at Queens and Ulster universities.

Spending on infrastructure includes £23m for modernising water and sewage systems, £12m for a gas pipeline for a new power station, £39m for roads and £5m for the purchase of 40 buses.

The funds come from £125m in Treasury loans, £145m from the Executive and the rest from private support and departmental budgets.


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