Silence signals an end to race row

27 Sep 01
Cynics who criticised a proposed race equality code of practice for RSLs have been largely silenced, according to the chair of the inquiry team that drew it up.

28 September 2001

Leroy Phillips, who chaired the race and housing inquiry, set up 12 months ago, said voices in the sector had wanted to kill the idea before anyone had been given the chance to look at it.

Speaking at a briefing to launch the draft code at the conference, he said there no longer seemed to be such opposition. 'I'm pretty satisfied by the level of silence,' he added.

The draft code urges housing associations to put race equality at the heart of business planning. Building on a report published by the inquiry in July, it sets out a series of outcomes and standards for associations and others working in the RSL sector, including contractors and consultants.

Service delivery and employment policies would be required to reflect race equality. Consultations continue until December 31, with the final code expected to be adopted next summer.


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