Welsh demand back the cash they spent on asylum seekers

1 Feb 01
A consortium of Welsh local authorities is demanding the Home Office keep its promise to reimburse them for money spent developing services to help asylum seekers.

02 February 2001

The authorities say they plan to spend £100,000 by April 1 which the Home Office had promised to repay through the National Asylum Seekers Service (NASS). Now NASS has said it cannot pay the money back this financial year, meaning Welsh local authorities will have to carry the cost.

In a letter to the consortium on January 8, NASS states that no money will be available because 'there are no additional resources in this financial year'.

The £100,000 raised by the consortium, which covers all 21 local authorities in Wales apart from Cardiff, is being used to develop information material for asylum seekers, creating voluntary groups and preparing business plans for how much this will all cost.

Tom Begg, strategic director of Newport County Borough Council and lead officer for the consortium, said: 'Local authorities in Wales are playing their part in developing the government's policy on asylum seekers but believe this should not be at the expense of councils.'


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